National Executive Council

The National Executive Council is the Executive Arm of the National Government established under Section 149 of the Constitution. It consists of the Prime Minister as Chairman, and all the Ministers (32 Ministers). The main purpose of the NEC is to be responsible for the Executive Government of Papua New Guinea and other functions as constituted by the Constitution or any other law (Section 149.3). It is the principle decision making body in the country.

Section 149 of the Constitution also mandates the NEC to determine its own procedures in terms of bringing matters to it for consideration.

In August 2017, the NEC Procedures Handbook 2017 was approved by the NEC and launched later in the year. This Handbook aimed to lay down the roles, responsibilities, principles and conventions by which the NEC operates and also provided information and instructions to assist Ministers and officers understand the NEC process and prepare NEC submissions accordingly. The Handbook will be made available on the website in due course.

Last update: September 10th, 2018